Supply Air

The Air Trac system is the positive method to air condition overhead crane cabs and coke oven machine cabs where extreme heat or fume conditions exist.

With the Air Trac air intake located remote from the cabs, the system uses clean air from outside the building.

The fresh air is filtered, cooled, or heated as required then supplied under pressure to a modular duct system called "Air Trac", which parallels the crane runway and holds the conditioned air. As the crane travels along the bay, an "Air Transfer" lifts a stainless steel seal and releases a constant volume of fresh air to pressurize the crane cab. As an added benefit the same air can be used to pressurize stationary pulpits an crane electrical panels keeping them free from dust and contaminants.

Read more about our Supply Air System. Download the Supply Air System Brochure (pdf).

The Air Trac 'positive pressure' ventilation system for

Alliance 315 ton cranes, melt shop

Supply Air Before Image

Electrical Switch Gear and Contactors in Crane Girder

Before Air Trac System Installed

Supply Air After Image

After Air Trac System Installed

Supply System

Provides clean, conditioned air to moving equipment/operators

  1. Stationary Air Supply Unit located outside building. Contains: disposable filter, electric heating coil, cooling coil optional (can be either air or water cooled condensing unit).
  2. Insulated supply duct to Air Trac.
  3. One Air Trac services all cranes on a common runway. Systems are now in operation up to 1000 ft. long.
  4. Conditioned air for cab year round, pressurized cab eliminates all fume conditions.
  5. Air to cool and pressurize electrical enclosures. Drastically reduces breakdowns of electrical equipment.
  6. Air supply to pulpits and 'hot spot' work areas at ground level.
  7. Additional air supply units for multiple crane runways.

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